After immersing myself in the wake of great music, I can still feel the faint traces of bass pulses passing through me. In the wake of great music. All that movement – dancing – opens me up to feel. Dancing freely with a whole bunch of other people I become a raft in an empathic ocean. To be and to see many others wriggling limbs and bootie, all different shapes and sizes, all smiling. A couple years in Africa changed dancing for me. I went from having the swagger of a door to having a few moves that I can repeat offer and with no shame. I am still smiling after a 6 hour dose of dancing in Victoria this weekend after I stumbled into the Victoria Electronic Music Festival on Sunday. Technically I was working, but the work was casual helping some friends set up an art show in the lobby of the Ministry of Health. I broke up the day of dancing with a little detox lunch at the Rebar, a quick trip to the print shop and then a half hour hanging sheets of paper near paintings. A whole bunch a shaking to bass and beats was just what the doctor ordered.

Before I had kids, I used to love a great dance party. When in Africa I learned something of how releasing the inhibitions of nervousness and the barriers of the mind and just simply letting the music move you was a really good thing. Even when I was full on busy at work, I found that having at least one really good dancing session each week smoothed out he rough. I have not stopped loving the party, but my priorities have shifted to sleeping when I get it and staying fresh for my two little ones. So a family friendly day time dance party is just what I need. I will bring the whole family next year and we will all dance and rejoice in that reverberating love vibe that follows the bass. Now that is what I call worldbliss… Everybody smiling and coming together in one great ocean of fun.