I wrote the original version to this poem in Instanbul, Turkey in April 2008 while attending an Integral Without Borders conference in conjunction with my work with One Sky – Canadian Institute of Sustainable Living. I had the opportunity to experience a truly remarkable process called Big Mind – Big Heart, a technique developed by Zen Master Genpo Roshi and delivered by another Zen Master Diane Musho Hamilton. Big Mind – Big Heart is a contemporary fusion between Zazen (ie. zen) mediation and Jungian Voice Dialogue, and stands as one of the coolest things that I have ever done to peel through the complex layers of selfhood.

Sitting close to the Hagia Sophia in a room full of diverse spiritual practitioners – Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and other (the vague category that I identify with) – digging through the perceived constructs of personal identity with Big Mind – Big Heart demonstrated that there is an integrally informed spiritual revolution happening. The call to prayer added to the majesty of the moment and the salient insight that collective transformation is possible. It even helped me to get over my personal aversion to the word God for this poem.

When God and I Are One is a performance poem born from hope for humanity. Within that cauldron of diversity, we all knew that despite some difference in how we view the world, there is more that we all share. Experiencing the Muslim call to prayer at one of the most spiritually historic and energetically eminent places on the planet while participating in a meditative practice, inspired rapture.

Recently I sat with a group of people at Vancouver ChangeCamp to talk about Embodied Leadership and Occupy Yourself. The call to awareness that has spread across the globe through the Occupy Movement must also be like the call to prayer to orient us all to what is sacred within us all. If any of this is of interest, I strongly recommend watching this trailer for the forthcoming documentary Occupy Love.

If you are interested in playing with the Prezi that I used to put this together, please do. When God and I Are One Prezi. There is also a creative commons access on YouTube.